Connecting food entrepreneurs to commercial kitchens
Flexible rates, low overhead and no long-term commitments.

Starting or growing a food business can be challenging. We’re with you every step of the way.

What we do

We match personal chefs, caterers, food artisans, digital brands, and retail producers with available kitchens in their area. Along with our commercial kitchens, we work directly with food entrepreneurs to meet local regulatory requirements, obtain proper licensing, and maintain compliance throughout the life of their business. Our kitchens, resources, mentors, and partnerships allow food entrepreneurs to start and grow successful food businesses.

About us
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Who we are

We’re a team of entrepreneurs, chefs, designers, service industry professionals, and technologists. We’ve faced many of the same challenges that food businesses struggle with and we are passionate about finding solutions. Through our collective experience and individual expertise, we want to provide the ingredients needed to start, grow, and manage food businesses from A to Z.

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Our Services
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Kitchen Search
We’ll help you find a licensed commercial kitchen based on the location, equipment, and availability you need.
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Licensing & Compliance
Our team will determine the licensing, insurance, and certifications you need to operate your food business.
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Easily manage your schedule and adapt to business needs by reserving your kitchen on demand.
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Automated Reminders
Receive notifications when you need to renew essential business documents and file annual reports.
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CPG Consulting
We’ll set you up with an expert in the art of packaged goods to help get your products on more shelves and in more homes.
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Ghost Kitchens
Whether you’re looking to grow your own brand or use a pre-built concept, we’ll get you set up for success.
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Menu Development
We have a team of chef-advisors with wide ranging experience that can help you create a delicious menu while controlling costs.
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Branding & Web Design
From logo and website design to actionable strategies that create brand awareness, we’ve got you covered.
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Industry News

How to Start a Food Business: First Steps to Act on Your Vision
Feb 21, 2019

We’ve already worked through the ideation phase of building a business; creating a strong foundation for turning your passion into a business, as well as figuring out where your business fits in the market. Now that it is time to actually operate as a business, what comes next?

How to Start a Food Business: Defining Your Fit
Feb 21, 2019

For those following along with our recipe to success, you are in the process of turning your passion into a sustainable food business. It’s a product or service that you have extensive knowledge of and it allows you to best use your skills. However, if you really want to bear the fruits of your labor, it is critical that you know what market you are in and where exactly you fit.

How to Start a Food Business: Take Control and Empower Your Passion
Feb 21, 2019

There has never been a time in our lives where turning your passion into your profession was so achievable. Whitney Wolfe Herd, the Founder/CEO that turned Bumble into a billion-dollar company, went as far as to claim that “you can monetize anything.”