How does your story begin?
Our story begins with a group of passionate food lovers and entrepreneurs searching for answers.

Everyone’s journey has a beginning and when it comes to opening a food business, the path can be incredibly confusing. As a new business owner, there is no amount of Google searching that will fully prepare you for the road ahead. The natural twists and turns teach us lessons far greater than anything you can find online. We get it...because we’ve been there.  

We’ve opened cottage food operations, navigating at-home baking laws and understanding county by county regulations. Our team has gone through the rigorous process of working with food scientists to create shelf-stable sauces that can be replicated on a large scale through the use of co-packing facilities. We’ve created lasting memories for our guests while hosting intimate “chef’s table” experiences and private dining events. 

We created Ingredients as a way to be of service to culinary professionals and food entrepreneurs, providing a more approachable path towards creating a new food business, as well as a scalable plan for existing food businesses to grow. 

We are a team of culinary school graduates, food artisans, event professionals, and passionate entrepreneurs on a mission to solve the problems faced by thousands of food businesses. Our goal is to provide resources that allow food entrepreneurs to focus on what they do best.

What's Next

Search for the best kitchen to grow your dreams by location, equipment needs, rentals and more.

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We're building a platform for you to start, grow, and manage your food business. 

Conveniently search through our network of commercial kitchens based on the location, availability, equipment, and price range you need. 
Ingredients members have access to a wide variety of mentors and advisors that can help with everything from branding to food cost analysis. Your Ingredients profile will act as a business hub where you can manage your scheduled kitchen usage, as well as upload and store important business documents. Receive notifications when business documents need to be renewed and reports need to be filed. If you’d like those tasks taken off of your plate entirely, we offer services to do the work for you. 

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