Valuable Solutions in the Food and Beverage Renaissance

February 21, 2019

Dramatic changes bring a variety of new opportunities. Emerging trends, such as ghost kitchens, have gotten strong media attention as of late. A rising demand for prepared meals has opened the door for culinary professionals to transform their catering experience into a thriving meal prep business.

As these markets continue to grow, so does opportunity for seasoned culinary professionals in search of a fresh start. While there is certainly quality talent out there, getting started is not an easy thing to do for a first-timer.

Regulatory compliance, liability insurance, financial overhead, vendor accounts, branding, marketing…all fundamental aspects of a sustainable business and none of them have anything to do with food production. Is it a surprise that these are the biggest hurdles food entrepreneurs face?

We previously touched on new resources that are more readily available, reducing the learning curve and eliminating the growing pains. In an industry that traditionally has a negative success rate for new businesses, implementing smart technology and creative business solutions makes starting a food business much more palatable.

Low Overhead & Low Risk

Ingredients Shared Kitchens offers low overhead commercial kitchen space to start or expand a food business, as well as a variety of valuable resources that allow culinary professionals to focus on what they do best…create amazing food.

In the early stages of a food business, day-to-day operations can be time consuming. Any thoughts of expanding into new markets are immediately forced to the back burner. Ingredients does the leg work for its users, helping to identify new opportunities for growth. A broad network of flexible kitchen space facilitates simple expansion into additional markets.

Ingredients members are able to search for a kitchen based on their budget, location, availability, storage, and equipment needs. In addition to a wide variety of kitchen space, members will have access to a “compliance wizard” that lets a food entrepreneur know what requirements must be met to operate specific types of food businesses depending on their local regulations.

Are you ready to grow?